As a person who can’t stand injustice towards the weak and sick, Jagoda decided that someone needed to act to help people access the medicine and the healthcare that is a basic human right.

VenezVit was created to transform adversity into
innovation and opportunity

The driving force lies on its founder, Jagoda,

who started the company with a clear vision to combine science, technology and humanity. Leveraging the founder’s background in Clinical Research, VeneVit is set to facilitate effective use of resources and a fair distribution of life saving aid.

Our journey starts after watching a TV report about Venezuela’s fragile social situation and the scarcity for basic health care. This was the necessary call to action to stop being part of the PROBLEM and start being part of the SOLUTION.

In 2018, the idea turned into a solid proposal that later became the first prize winner of an international blockchain for impact hackathon. From that moment on, the mission was clear “Improve the lives of people in need, increase their access to aid and medicine, and make the best use of technology to restore humanity”

Having the mission at heart, VenezVit’s team aims to better understand and simplify the complex processes encountered by NGOs and other key stakeholders in the Aid distribution.

We understand the issues and risks; our founder experienced similar challenges. Therefore we are determined to turn adversity into opportunity by offering solutions that encapsulate a strategy based on current needs combined with cutting edge technologies to fulfil the intended Purpose of Aid distribution.