This article is the first of a series in which we share the genesis of VenezVit and our vision to restore faith in humanitarian aid using innovative technology.

We wouldn’t be able to accurately explain our mission without first introducing the founder of VenezVit, Jagoda. The path that led to the creation of VenezVit has some interesting twists and turns, so we will begin with our founder, the resilient, resourceful and portrait of a true renaissance-woman, Jagoda. Jagoda was not always concerned with humanitarian aid. Her PhD involved cancer research and she was always more engaged with medical research and advancements than with altruism. She knew, like many of us, that there was abject poverty and famine in the world, but she thought that these types of problems were the results of countries with stifled development, countries suffering war, or natural disasters. She had resigned herself to the fact that she could do little to help these situations, so she focused her life on the things she could control, working in hospitals for several years before her life took an interesting turn in 2018, when she saw a news report that changed her life. It revealed the massive inflation, the vast economic depression and medical shortages in Venezuela, and how the suffering of the people was only increasing as the situation became increasingly worse.

She never imagined that a developed country with vast riches, like Venezuela, could harbour such misery. She was shocked to find out that so many people suffered horribly while the richest in the country continued to profit and hoard their resources. These images hung in the back of her mind for weeks and she knew she had to do something. There had to be a way to help these people who suffered so profoundly while she lived a good life in a stable country with easy access to medicine and food. She could no longer bear to see this inequality and injustice. Jagoda felt called to help these people, thus began her journey to create VenezVit…….